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Speed is a priority. This isn’t always the case with many situations in which a commercial real estate appraisal is needed.

However, we understand how important it is for you and your prospective borrowers.

Most appraisers work mainly with traditional lenders and are used to getting away with unnecessarily long turnaround times – often a month, or more!

The truth about turnaround time

Truth is, most commercial appraisals don’t require an entire month or more. In reality, a typical assignment that is managed properly usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Bloated turnaround times, which have become an industry standard, can be attributed to several factors – inefficiency within the firm, lack of innovation, and prioritization of their biggest clients (usually big traditional banks) over all others.

In total, an appraiser usually spends about 30-60 hours on a given commercial appraisal assignment.

So, if you need an appraisal done in a week or less, it’s possible but to do so your appraisal project must be managed efficiently and needs to be given the utmost priority.

What makes us different

We chose not to work with big traditional lenders (for reasons detailed here) and so ALL our clients are equally important to us. This means you get more attention and superior service from us.

We never sacrifice quality for speed. Instead, we get appraisals done faster than most because our systems are more efficient and we prioritize time sensitive assignments.

Hard money lenders & private lenders rely on us because

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